Human Resources (InfiniteHR)

The InfiniteHR software enables you to recruit, manage, and handle all labour related issues.
iHR’s fleet management aligned module has core functions which include recruitment, mechanic staff management, planning, an organisational structure module which is used to perform in- depth workforce analysis & performance management.

Enterprise Asset Management (InfiniteAssets)

The InfiniteAssets (iA) software enables all corporations to plan, acquire, deploy, manage and retire physical assets; thus maximising productivity & reliability of their operations. By integrating operations and maintenance of your trucks, vans, bikes and other fleet into a systematic
solution; iA reduces costs by reducing breakdowns, wear and tear & extending your assets’ lifespan.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Predictive maintenance & inbuilt analytics
  • Enhanced safety standards mitigating fleet accident risks
  • Increased regulatory adherence with iA’s compliance tracking
    thereby keeping all assets audit-ready.
  • Overall streamlined operations and improved asset performance to increase investment returns.

Payroll (InfinitePay)

iPay automatically tracks time stamps, tax details, benefits, payslips, leave
transactions, trips and many other job related details, It does the hardwork, gives you more time to focus on your KPIs thereby putting you ahead of the competition.

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Management

Health & Safety

Turn data into intelligence, analyze, anticipate, prevent every hazard & injury.
Using real-time analytics, you’ll know your compliance status, live-track all vehicles & redeem in event of loss/theft, prioritise workers’ safety and automate repetitive processes.


Automatically record, track carbon emissions, vehicle status, legal compliance
and licences validity & training within the system.


Automate, manage & streamline the process of identifying, evaluating, reviewing, and handling of non-conformance.

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